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Grips and special testing tools for tensile testing of flexible ribbons, strapping and belts between 20 and 100 kN

Grips for tensile testing of belts, belts and strapping
A wide range of jaws with a design based on a C-shaped groove which allows the user to wrap the sample around a self-tightening roller. The action of placing the sample on itself by winding it on the jawIt also helps the grip strength of the sample. Samples can be manually pre-tensioned before starting a test oftraction.
In everyday life we find many belts, belts and ropes subjected to constant loads that must fulfill their safety functions (safety belts, climbing ropes, conveyor belts, etc.) and, thereby, meet certain quality characteristics. The reproduction of application conditions close to reality requires complex test structures, jaws with various forms of clamping the samples for special tensile strength tests and high reliability in determining the results. With the product range of Techlab Systems, METROTEC brand.