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Applications – Pneumatic grips use air pressure to actuate cylinders to provide constant clamp loads to test specimens of a wide variety. They are best suited to the following mechanical testing needs between 100 N to 50 kN force capacity :
 High volume tests where opening and closing actions are repetitive for operators.
 Sensitive or fragile test samples where clamping can cause failure or where multiple tests are performed. Many times, it can be desirable to test all samples under constant clamping conditions.
 High elongation tests where the samples shrink as they are pulled. If the sample stretches (e.g. plastics and rubber), the sample can pull out of mechanical action clamps. Aircylinders can adjust to the changing conditions and hold — regardless of sample deformation.
Testing materials such as: o Textiles & Geotextiles o Sheets, Thin Films, Foils – Flat sampless o Thread, wire, rope – Round shapes o Soft materials o Lap Shear samples o Soft Tissues & Medical Devices o Peel and adhesion tests o Films, polymers & woven fabrics