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Manual action tensile grips to perform tensile strength tests of rigid materials between 5 and 100 kN

Wedge Grips with lateral lever: Wedge grips 5kN and 50kN Multi purpose, self-tightening grips. Suitable for metal or plastic specimens (with medium strength) etc. Easy to use: The grips feature a lever arm for quick loading and releasing of the samples. The wedge-shaped design of the jaws causes the clamping force to increase, as tension is an applied during the test.
Wedge Grips with Manual Wheel: The grip design ensures a clamping wedge in the sample as the force increases and prevents slipping, the initial force is applied by the action of the screw driven wheel 4 handles loading and unloading of specimens. The jaws with different faces are finished in ambiables interc for different sample types and dimensions.