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Hydraulic tensile testing grips of metal specimens, composites ... with capacities between 60 and 1000 kN

Hydraulic type grips are especially used in cases where test forces of 50 kN or higher are required and, for this, high clamping forces (Fmax of 10 kN to 1500 kN).
■ The tightening pressure can be adjusted and reproduced with a high degree of precision.
■ A defined force application ensures optimum grip on sensitive materials.
■ The constant maintenance of the force effectively avoids unwanted tensile and compressive forces on the sample to be tested during the process of closing and tying the sample, which could be conditioned by the displacement of the material or by deformations of the jaws.
■ The individual adjustment of the proportion of clamping and pulling forces (in the case of a maximum tensile force, twice the clamping force is required) ensures a firm clamping of the specim