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Manual-acting self-clamping grips by eccentric or scissor knurled roller with self-aligning of the specimens

Self-tightening Tensile Test Grips of Excentric Roller: Easy-to-use self-tightening grips applicable to perform tensile tests on samples of soft and flexible materials, rubber, latex, foils, plastics …
Self-tightening Scissor Type Tensile Test Grips: Self-tightening and self-aligning grips. The initial grip or clamping of the sample is provided by the action of the spring. The clamping force ratio of the grips with the tensile force changes according to the opening of the jaws. The greater clamping force on the samples is obtained with the greater opening due to the effect of the spring. The jaws apply self-tightening on the specimen that is tested during the whole tensile process.