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This DUAL (Forward & Back) Extrusion Test KIT is used for the analysis of food products in liquid or near liquid state such as gelatins, sauces, shortenings, pastes or other viscous liquids.
The KIT allows both Forward Extrusion and Back Extrusion tests to be performed by simply changing the disc located at the base of the specimen container by the unperforated disc, since the rest of the elements of the KIT assay is common to both methods.
It consists of a base device with 1 sample holder device, an upper probe for compression by a disc-shaped head of diameter 49.5 mm. With the upper probe the test liquid is compressed by passing it through a perforation of the base of the sample holder device. The kit is delivered with 1 set of 6 discs with a perforated base of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm diameter respectively, plus a disc without perforation.