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Determination of impact resistance by free fall of an impact head in samples of plastic pipes according to the Standards: UNE EN 744 – ISO 3127: Round-the-clock method EN 1411: staircase method ASTM D 2444 (A – B y C Impact Strikers)
The falling drop weight Impact tester is mainly used to determine of the impact resistance of thermoplastic pipes and fittings under specified conditions of impact by means of a falling weight. Interchangeable striking noses are used, differing in the geometrical configuration.
The equipment consists of a base with housing of the steel test cases of dimensions 800 x 600 mm, and a guide frame where the striker that provides the impact vertically, with a motorized lifting system.
The sample holders are easily interchangeable with simple adjustment of their height by means of an endless spindle and turning levers to raise or lower the sample holder.