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Advantages of Pneumatic Clamping Mechanism
There are four key reasons users choose pneumatic grips:
•Secure, automatic tightening
•Adjustable, uniform pressure
•Self-aligning feature
•Clean, quick operation
The main advantage of the pneumatic mechanism is that samples are often clamped tighter, yet pressure can still be adjusted as required. Once the pressure is set, the air pressure will remain constant throughout the test. This prevents slippage while allowing testing of thinner materials that might break in the grip faces if the inserts were clamped too tight.
Test specimens can be inserted in the grips positioned symmetrically and in axial alignment with the direction of testing. This removes the bending strains that can skew data. This can be particularly useful when tests are performed in high or low temperatures using an environmental chamber where internal temperature changes need to be avoided while setting up specimens in the grips.