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Wedge clamps used for tensile tests on relatively hard materials and in different forms, dog bone specimens, wires, rods, tubular shapes. The wedge grips facilitate the loading of the samples, with the action of selftightening and positioning of the natural centering of the sample.
The design features of the MC / mf jaws with a door in its structure allows the frame to be held rigidly under the test load, supporting higher loads than the open wedge grips.
They also have a manual handle preload mechanism (optional with the help of compressed air) so that the jaws can get to bite the sample without the need for hydraulic solutions at a higher cost.
Wedge pull grips offer a great mechanical advantage by the way they tie. As the grips are being subjected to stress during the test, the jaws exert a greater pressure on the mooring area in the specimens being tested and this avoids slipping in the specimen.