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  • Customized Engineering

    Equipment & Software

    In our engineering and production department, test and measurement equipment is developed and designed. At the request of our customers, test equipment for special applications is also designed and manufactured.

  • Repairs

    Control and Testing Machines

    Our After Sales Technical Assistance Service offers its customers the Maintenance Services and Repairs of Testing Machines

  • Calibrations

    Control and Testing Machines

    Our CALIBRATIONS department offers a professional service that ensures precision work and the most stringent calibration methods in measuring and testing equipment.

  • Retrofits

    Technological Update of Testing Equipment

    Our Dptº. Technician can update your old Universal Testing Machine if your general condition is good. For a small investment we can leave your Testing Machine operative with the latest generation hardware and software as new.

  • Training

    Software and Testing Machines

    TECHLAB SYSTEMS, S.L. offers its clients training courses in different technical areas (Material Testing Software – Integral Management Software for Laboratories and Testing Equipment)