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HDT & VICAT Softening Point Tester VHDT-30

Available markets: Worldwide

  • Determination of Vicat softening temperature and heat deformability temperature
    Thermoplastics do not have a specific melting point that defines the transit from solid to liquid with accuracy. It is rather a gradual softening with the increase in temperature.
    For this reason, the Vicat softening temperature was introduced as a substitute value for the melting point in the measurement sector. This value describes the temperature at which a circular indenter of 1 mm² in section, under a standardized load of 10 N or 50 N, penetrates exactly 1 mm into the specimen. The Vicat softening temperature is standardized in ISO 306 and ASTM D 1525.
    Another magnitude to be measured is the temperature of deformability by heat at which a prismatic specimen is subjected to bending and heated with a certain temperature increase. When reaching the deformability temperature, the specimen has reached a deflection determined by the norm. Since this result given by the temperature depends on the load selected, the geometry of the specimen, the heating speed and the flexure chosen, the bending temperature under load represents an applicable value for comparing different materials with each other. The measurement of the deformability of plastics at temperature may be overlapped by internal material stresses. The procedure is defined in ISO 75 and ASTM D 648 standards.

    Computerized with software that represents in DEFLEXION / TEMPERATURE Graph
    DEFORMATION measurement using precision LVDT sensors
    INDIVIDUAL TEMPERATURE probes placed next to the samples
    Cod. 8031 ​​- VICAT / HDT 3-station Test Equipment – VHDT-30 (approximate oil tank capacity 8 l)

  • Principles

    Laboratory equipment for the determination of the VICAT Softening Point and the “H.D.T.” Bending Temperature of plastic materials.

    The VICAT softening point is the temperature at which a flat needle of 1 mm 2 of section penetrates a sample at a depth of 1 mm.

    H.D.T. is the temperature of flexion under load, expressed as the temperature at which the sample reaches a certain arrow.


    ASTM D1525, ASTM D648, DIN 306, DIN 75-1, DIN 75-2, EN 306, EN 727, EN 75-1, EN 75-2, ISO 2507, ISO 306, ISO 75-1, ISO 75-2
  • Basic Applications

    Determination of VICAT Softening Point and HDT Heat Distorsion Temperature under load and temperatures in plastic materials used in civil engineering, automobile, aeronautics, plastic pipes ... in relation to the behavior against thermal properties.

  • VICAT/HDT test equipment for 3 stations – model. VHDT-30 (Oil tank capacity approx. 8 l)

    • Solide Construction
    • Internal parts of the bath in stainless steel. The design of the internal volume is studied in a way that it is sureperfect thermal exchange, both warming and cooling alike. Control of Temperature by PID and Pt-100 sensor.
    • Working Temperature: From Room Temperature to 250 ºC
    • Resolution: +/- 0,1 ºC
    • Accuracy: +/- 0,2 ºC
    • Warming speed: 120ºC / Hour and 50ºC / hour (configurable)
    • Test stations equipped with lineal displacement sensors with range of 10 mm and resolution of ± 0,01 mm
    • Set of 16 weights for each test station included in the delivery: 2 of 5 g, 2 of 10 g, 2 of 15 g, 1 of 25 g, 1 of 50 g, 1 of 100 g, 2 of 200 g, 1 of 500 g, 1 of 750 g, 1 of 845 g y 2 of 2000 g

    Code.  7797 (5l Tank) Thermic Synthetic Oil for maximum Temperatures of +300ºC (not  included in the delivery)

    Code.  8225 (5l Tank) Thermic Synthetic Oil for maximum Temperatures of +250ºC (not included in the delivery)

    OPTIONAL:  Recirculating Cooler “CHILLER”

    – Temperature range between -10 and + 30 ° C
    – Equipped with Centrifugal Pump
    – Cooling Power at +20: 520 W
    – Temperature Stability: ± 0.1 ° C
    – Tank Volume: 2.65 liters
    – Maximum flow 6.8 l / min
    – Maximum Pressure 0.3 Bar
    – Dimensions: 50.8 x 25.4 x 43.2 cm

    • Includes connection hoses and fittings

  • – 3 station VICAT / HDT equipment
    – Set of 16 weights for each test station
    – 1 LVDT sensor linear displacement measurement for each station
    – HDT / VICAT Testing Software
    – 1 “All in One” desktop PC of 20 “+ S.O. Windows
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