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Basic Melt Flow Indexer for Thermoplastics MFI-100

Melt Flow Indexer MFI-100 model

Available markets: Worldwide

  • MFI-100 is designed specifically for use in the Quality Control Department as a quick and easy Melt Flow Indexer for thermoplastic materials according to the “A” Method of the international standards of MFI, ASTM D1238 – ISO 1133 in both Procedure A (Gravimetric).

    • GRAVIMETRIC method
    • Low cost
    • Automatic Sample Cutting
    • Robust design with high rigidity
    • PID temperature controller (maintain +/- 0.1 ° C)
    • Time programmer and number of cutting cycles
    • Equipment ready to work with corrosive materials such as PVC
  • Principles

    The melt index measurement is performed by a meter Flow Index, which operates with a constant pressure exerted by a constant force due to a known weight into a capillary tube whose area remains constant. ASTM-D1238 is commonly used to perform this operation

    The melt flow index (MFI) is a measure of the flowability of the resin under controlled conditions and can be easily measured with equipment called plastometer, using very low strain rates, a temperature of 230 ° C and weighing 2.16 kg according to ASTM D 1238 & ISO 1133. This variable is inversely related to the viscosity and molecular weight (MW), that is, with increasing the melt index of the resin, a decrease is obtained in viscosity and molecular weight.


    ASTM D1238, DIN 1133, EN 1133, ISO 1133
  • Basic Applications

    Basic Extrusion Plastometer for determining the melt flow index in thermoplastic materials (Gravimetric Method)

    Extended applications

    Equipment prepared to work with corrosive materials such as PVC

  • For Manual testing (Method A – Gravimetric)

    The standard equipment includes all standard work-cleaning tools, piston and nozzle.

    • Temperature Controller with a range up to +325 ºC (*) with a resolution of 0.1ºC
    • Digital Stopwatch: with a range of up to 9999 seconds with audible alarm.
    • Automatic sample cutting
    • Complete set of 7 chromed and polished weights: 1.2 Kg – 2.16 Kg – 3.8 Kg – 5 Kg – 5 kG – 6.6 Y 10 Kg
    • The weight of 21.6 kg is a combination of the weights of 5 kg, 6.6 kg and 10 kg
      User manual and warranty letter


  • Melt Flow Indexer MFI-100 complete and ready to work

    Accessories included in the standard supply: Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, Piston, pellet picker, wrench, sample insert rod in the heater drum, material feeder, funnel, heater cleaner, scissors, nozzle cleaner .

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