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“Back Extrusion” Test Kit

Kit Extrusion Inversa

Available markets: Worldwide

  • This probe is mainly used for the analysis of food products in liquid state or close to the liquid state such as creams, sauces, jellies, soups and vegetable and / or fruit purees.
    It consists of a base plate with a device to leave fixed a beaker of volume 100 ml and with a base diameter of 50 mm, plus a top probe with interchangeable flat compression heads of diameters 35, 40 and 45 mm.
    The glass is mounted on the base plate, the upper probe is lowered with the selected head towards the test sample to ensure the alignment between test probe and test sample, checking that the center of the upper probe and the center of the base of the beaker match. After this check, back the upper probe to a height of about 10 mm above the top of the beaker.
    Fill the sample container with up to 75% of the total volume of the entire vessel filling and condition as required according to the test standard.
    Reverse extrusion or “Back Extrusion” is a cyclic test, taking the upper probe to the limit of extension established with the METROTEST software and withdrawing to the initial position.

    Once the test conditions have been established (pre-loads – test speed – penetration on the sample …), the sample is placed between the test tools and the test start button is pressed on the Touch Screen or by means of the mouse. After the end of the test, the upper mobile crosspiece returns to its initial test position and the equipment is ready for a subsequent test automatically.

    When working from the MetroTEST test program, numerical values ​​and graphs of test strength and deformation / penetration or elongation in% or real values, are shown in the test menu on the monitor, these data can be saved for later management of them, statistical calculations, Gauss bells, Bar Graphs and Comparisons of Tolerances.

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  • Principles

    This KIT of Back Extrusion Tests (coupled to the Texturometer) is mainly used for the analysis of food products in liquid state or close to the liquid state such as creams, sauces, gelatins, soups and vegetable and / or fruit purees.


  • Basic Applications

    Food Creams, Sauces, Jellies, Soups and Vegetable Purees i / o Fruits

  • The typical results of this test are:
    Maximum force with positive value = FIRMING
    Area under the Force curve with positive value = CONSISTENCY
    Maximum Force with negative value = COHESIVITY
    Area under the Force curve with negative value = VISCOSITY INDEX

  • The typical results of this test are:
    It consists of a Ø 56 mm circular support plate, 1 test vessels with a capacity of 100 ml and a superior cylindrical probe with 3 interchangeable and interchangeable compression heads of 35-40 and 45 mm in diameter.
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