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The organization TECHLAB SYSTEMS, S.L. maintains close relationships with prestigious international companies, offering its clients double warranty, that of the manufacturer and that of TECHLAB SYSTEMS, S.L.

  • formatUnited Kingdom manufacturer of advanced folding, bending, forming and friction testing equipment in corrugated and compact cardboard boxes and cases.
  • formatGerman manufacturer of advanced equipment for laboratory formulation and foam testing (Foams).
  • German manufacturer of Rheometers and Mooney Viscometers for rubber sector
  • gelSwiss manufacturer of gelling time meters, pot life, curing, resin reaction systems.
  • shimpoManufacturer of portable dynamometers, test stands, torque meters, strobes …
  • satraNorth American Manufacturer of GURLEY Smoothness, Porosity and Rigidity Meters in Paper and Cardboard
  • ektronGerman manufacturer of simple portable moisture meters for paper and cardboard.
  • finna-group-logo North American manufacturer of moisture meters for paper-cardboard-wood-gypsum …
  • satraNorth American manufacturer of advanced instruments for analysis in polymers and elastomers (DSC-TGA-DMA-FTIR …)