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ISO 10321

Geosynthetics – wide-width tensile test
The standard describes a test method for determining the tensile properties of geosynthetics (polymer, glass and metallic), using a wide-width strip. It is applicable to most geosynthetics, including woven geotextiles, non-woven geotextiles, geocomposites, knitted geotextiles, geonets, geomaterials and metal products. It is also applicable to similar geogrids and open geotextiles, but it may be necessary to modify the dimensions of the samples. It is not applicable to polymeric or bituminous geosynthetic barriers, while it is applicable to clay geosynthetic barriers. ISO 10319: 2015 specifies a tensile test method that covers the measurement of load elongation characteristics and includes procedures for calculation of secant stiffness, maximum load per unit of width and effort at maximum load. Singular points are also indicated in the load-extension curve.

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