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DIN 5173

Destructive tests of welds in metallic materials – Bending / bending tests.
The Standard specifies a method for performing cross-sectional tests of root, face and side curvature on test specimens taken from butt welds, butt welds with cladding (subdivided into welds into coated plates and coated welds) and cladding without welds butt to evaluate the ductility and / or absence of imperfections on or near the surface of the test sample. It also gives the dimensions of the test sample.
In addition, the Standard specifies a method for performing longitudinal tests of root and face curvature instead of cross-bending tests for heterogeneous assemblies when the base materials and / or the filler metal have a significant difference in their physical and mechanical properties. in relation to bending.
The Standard applies to metallic materials in all product forms with welded joints made by any fusion arc welding process.

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