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Standard Test Method for Ball Punch Deformation of Metallic Sheet Material.
Standard test method for the deformation of sheet metal material by the ball punch.
The ball punch deformation test is widely used to evaluate and compare the formability of metallic sheet materials. Biaxial stretching is the predominant mode of deformation that occurs during the test and, therefore, the results are used more frequently to classify or compare materials that are going to be formed mainly by stretching. However, no precise correlations have been established between the cup height determined by this test and the formability of a sheet material under production conditions.

This test method covers the procedure for carrying out the ball punch deformation test for metallic sheet materials intended to form applications. The test is applied to samples with thicknesses between 0.008 and 0.080 inches (0.2 and 2.0 mm).

Note 1: The ball punch deformation test is intended to replace the Olsen cup test by standardizing many of the test parameters that were previously left to the discretion of the test laboratory.

Note 2: The modified Erichsen test has normalized in Europe. The main differences between the ball punch deformation test and the Erichsen test are the diameters of the penetrator and the dies. The heights of the Erichsen cup are given in SI units.

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