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Standard Test Methods for Nonrigid Vinyl Chloride Polymer Tubing Used for Electrical Insulation
* (Section 22-24) Polymer Tube Tensile Test
ASTM D876 is extremely similar to ASTM D2671 for Heat-Shrinkable Tubing. Both tests specify several types of tests for nonrigid PVC tube and pipes. The tensile test references other standards such as D412 and requires the use of specific sample specimen dies. Tubes can also be tested as long as their psi is below a certain threshold. Another test under D876, the heat-shrink test, uses a special type of mandrel which is inserted into the end of the pipe to maintain its inner diameter (ID). The third test of note is a peel test, wherein an adhesive tape or adhesive layer of tubing is peeled away from the core tube utlizing a special fixture.

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