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ASTM D7264

Standard Test Method for Flexural Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials.
For the determination of the flexural stiffness and the resistance properties of the polymer matrix composites. The data from this test method will result in the strength, stiffness and behavior / deflection of the polymer composite matrix charge under test.
The test can be performed using a four or three point loading device. The difference between the three-point and four-point bending methods is the location of the maximum bending moment and the maximum bending tension. In three-point curvature, the maximum axial tension fiber will be located directly under the load point. In four-point bending, the bending moment and the maximum bending tension are constant between the central force application members. In bending at three points, there is a resultant shear force everywhere on the beam, except directly under the midpoint force application member. In the four-point bend, the area between the central force application members has no resultant shear force

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