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TECHLAB SYSTEMS, S.L. distributes exclusively for Spain Testing Machines for the Quality Control and Research of the materials of prestigious international manufacturers:

format Labthink_117x100px Leading manufacturer in the Asian market of analysis and testing equipment in Plastic Film, such as Water Vapor and Gases Permeability Testers, Micrometers, Tear Tester, …
satra Labthech_117x100px Thai manufacturer of Machines for the Processing of Polymers in the Laboratory of Research and Pilot Plants. (Extruders – Presses Hot Plates – Mixing Rollers – Pelletizers …).
Test Equipment Line of the manufacturer TECHLAB SYSTEMS of Testing Machines for Corrugated Cardboard and Packing and Packaging.
gel Lab_117x100px  North American manufacturer of machines and equipment for the control and testing of finished packaging, transport simulators, impact …
satra PerkinElmer_117x100px
North American manufacturer and world leader in Thermal Analysis Equipment (DSC – TGA – TG / DTA or TG / DSC – TMA – DMA), Infrared Spectrometers (FTIR & IR) for identification / characterization of materials and Gas Chromatography Analysis Equipment (GC
cerulean_logo Cerulean_117x100px United Kingdom manufacturer of advanced folding, bending, forming and friction testing equipment in corrugated and compact cardboard boxes and cases..
German manufacturer of Mooney Rheometers and Viscometers for rubber sector
shimpo Shimpo_117x100px Manufacturer of portable dynamometers, test stands, torque meters, strobes ..
gel Gel_Instrumente_117x100 Swiss manufacturer of gelling time meters, pot life, curing, resin reaction systems.
format Format_117x100px German manufacturer of advanced equipment for laboratory formulation and foam testing
satra Gurley_117x100px North American Manufacturer of GURLEY Smoothness, Porosity and Rigidity Meters in Paper and Cardboard
ektron Doser_117x100px German manufacturer of simple portable moisture meters for paper and cardboard
finna-group-logo Aquameasure_117x100 North American manufacturer of moisture meters for paper-cardboard-wood-gypsum ..