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TECHLAB SYSTEMS, S.L. distributes exclusively for Spain Testing Machines for the Quality Control and Research of the materials of prestigious international manufacturers:

format Labthink_117x100px Leading manufacturer in the Asian market of analysis and testing equipment in Plastic Film, such as Water Vapor and Gases Permeability Testers, Micrometers, Tear Tester, …
satra Labthech_117x100px Thai manufacturer of Machines for the Processing of Polymers in the Laboratory of Research and Pilot Plants. (Extruders – Presses Hot Plates – Mixing Rollers – Pelletizers …).
Logo-TLS Tls_117x100px Manufacturer of Testing Machines for Corrugated Cardboard and Packing and Packaging.
gel Lab_117x100px  North American manufacturer of machines and equipment for the control and testing of finished packaging, transport simulators, impact …
satra PerkinElmer_117x100px
North American manufacturer and world leader in Thermal Analysis Equipment (DSC – TGA – TG / DTA or TG / DSC – TMA – DMA), Infrared Spectrometers (FTIR & IR) for identification / characterization of materials and Gas Chromatography Analysis Equipment (GC
cerulean_logo Cerulean_117x100px United Kingdom manufacturer of advanced folding, bending, forming and friction testing equipment in corrugated and compact cardboard boxes and cases..
ektron Ektron_117x100 Taiwanese manufacturer of Mooney Rheometers and Viscometers for rubber sector
shimpo Shimpo_117x100px Manufacturer of portable dynamometers, test stands, torque meters, strobes ..
gel Gel_Instrumente_117x100 Swiss manufacturer of gelling time meters, pot life, curing, resin reaction systems.
format Format_117x100px German manufacturer of advanced equipment for laboratory formulation and foam testing
satra Gurley_117x100px North American Manufacturer of GURLEY Smoothness, Porosity and Rigidity Meters in Paper and Cardboard
ektron Doser_117x100px German manufacturer of simple portable moisture meters for paper and cardboard
finna-group-logo Aquameasure_117x100 North American manufacturer of moisture meters for paper-cardboard-wood-gypsum ..